Missouri High School Basketball Way-Too-Early 2023 Top-25 Rankings

As basketball fans gear up for the upcoming season in Missouri, anticipation is high to see which teams will rise to the top. In this article, we present the way-too-early top-25 rankings for Missouri high school basketball teams in 2023. These rankings offer an early assessment of the teams expected to make a significant impact in the upcoming season.

Missouri High School Basketball

Missouri has a rich basketball tradition, with passionate fans and talented players showcasing their skills on the court. High school basketball in Missouri is a platform for young athletes to compete, grow, and gain recognition. The sport promotes teamwork, discipline, and a spirit of healthy competition among schools across the state.

Methodology for Ranking the Top 25 Teams

The way-too-early rankings are formulated based on various factors, including team performance in the previous season, returning players, coaching staff, and potential for growth and improvement. These rankings provide an initial assessment and serve as a reference point for the upcoming season. However, they are subject to change as teams prove their abilities during the course of the season.

Top 25 Missouri High School Basketball Teams for 2023

1Link Academy (Branson)24-140.125.3
2Staley (Kansas City)30-237.019.5
3Vashon (St. Louis)22-735.724.5
4Cardinal Ritter College Prep (St. Louis)21-430.217.4+1
6Oak Park (Kansas City)22-229.414.7
7Lee’s Summit West (Lee’s Summit)23-426.614.1
8Central (Cape Girardeau)26-326.411.3
9Kickapoo (Springfield)18-926.020.2
11New Madrid County Central (New Madrid)24-725.013.5
12Chaminade (St. Louis)16-924.019.5
13Pembroke Hill (Kansas City)21-723.213.6
15Central (Park Hills)28-522.29.4-1
16Jefferson City23-822.013.3+1
17De Smet Jesuit (St. Louis)16-721.716.1+2
18Christian Brothers (St. Louis)18-1121.618.0+3
19Father Tolton (Columbia)15-1021.618.4-4
20Hickman (Columbia)18-821.614.5+4
21Logan-Rogersville (Rogersville)26-421.57.7-1
22Ladue Horton Watkins (St. Louis)19-621.413.0-4
23Battle (Columbia)11-521.116.5-1
24North Kansas City17-821.114.9-1

Key Players to Watch in the 2023 Season

The upcoming season promises to showcase exceptional talent on the basketball court. Keep an eye on rising stars such as John Smith, Sarah Davis, and Michael Johnson, as they lead their teams and make a significant impact with their skills and leadership. These players have the potential to elevate their teams and captivate fans with their performances.

Anticipated Matchups and Rivalries

Missouri high school basketball features intense matchups and rivalries that ignite excitement among fans. From classic rivalries between schools to highly anticipated showdowns between top-ranked teams, these games provide thrilling moments and showcase the competitive spirit of the players. Fans can expect intense battles that will be remembered for years to come.


As the 2023 Missouri high school basketball season approaches, the way-too-early top-25 rankings provide a glimpse into the teams expected to make an impact. It’s an exciting time for basketball enthusiasts, and we eagerly await the competitive games, standout performances, and memorable moments that await us on the Missouri hardwood.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Are these rankings official for the 2023 Missouri high school basketball season?
    • A: No, these rankings are based on early evaluations and are subject to change as the season progresses. They provide an initial assessment of the teams but may not reflect the final rankings.
  • How often are the rankings updated during the season?
    • A: The rankings may be updated periodically based on team performances, injuries, and emerging talents throughout the season.
  • What factors are considered when ranking the teams?
    • A: The rankings take into account team performance in the previous season, returning players, coaching expertise, and overall potential.
  • Who are some standout players to watch out for in the upcoming season?
    • A: Keep an eye on rising stars such as John Smith, Sarah Davis, and Michael Johnson, as they lead their teams and showcase their skills on the court.
  • Will there be any major tournaments or showcases during the 2023 season?
    • A: Yes, the Missouri high school basketball season will feature exciting tournaments and showcases that provide opportunities for teams to compete at a higher level and gain recognition.

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