Tennessee High School Baseball Way-Too-Early 2023 Top-25 Rankings

From the eastern Appalachians to the bustling heart of Nashville, Tennessee’s baseball diamonds are brimming with talent. Let’s delve into the top-25 rankings for Tennessee high schools as we anticipate the 2023 season.

The Storied History of Tennessee High School Baseball

Tennessee is known for its vibrant sports culture, and high school baseball is no exception. Let’s take a peek into our projected team rankings for the 2023 season.

Our Ranking Process: A Balanced Approach

Our rankings are derived from a comprehensive evaluation strategy, considering statistical data alongside an assessment of team dynamics.

Performance Metrics: It’s More than Just Winning

Team evaluation extends beyond simple win-loss records, delving into team strategies, player versatility, and overall skill.

Player Potential: Shining Stars on the Rise

The potential and growth trajectory of individual players significantly impact our rankings, both in terms of past performance and future promise.

Consistency Over Time: The Power of Persistence

The consistent performance of teams over several seasons is a crucial ranking element, acknowledging the power of continued excellence.

Tennessee High School Baseball Way-Too-Early 2023 Top-25 Rankings

1Farragut (Knoxville)36-828.5916.9
2Hardin Valley Academy (Knoxville)34-726.2914.9
4Houston (Germantown)30-1025.3116.7
5Goodpasture Christian (Madison)37-625.0912.3
6Science Hill (Johnson City)31-624.6813.3
8Northpoint Christian (Southaven)31-6-123.6211.2
9Knoxville Catholic (Knoxville)29-923.1613.2+1
10Lipscomb Academy (Nashville)27-723.0313.7-1
12Bearden (Knoxville)25-1022.3615.4
13Baylor (Chattanooga)20-622.3513.1
14Grace Christian Academy (Franklin)27-821.8812.7+1
16Christian Brothers (Memphis)26-10-121.3114.3
17Rossview (Clarksville)26-1120.7614.1+2
18Independence (Thompson’s Station)33-1220.6413.1
19Christ Presbyterian Academy (Nashville)29-1320.5014.1-2
20Stewarts Creek (Smyrna)25-420.438.2
22Clarksville Academy (Clarksville)17-819.4013.4+4
23Summit (Spring Hill)24-919.2611.7-1
24Tennessee (Bristol)16-519.0511.2-1
25Silverdale Academy (Chattanooga)30-818.848.9-1

Looking Ahead: The 2023 Tennessee High School Baseball Season

The 2023 season promises to deliver exciting competition and exceptional talent. Get ready for a season full of thrilling games and standout performances!


Who leads the Tennessee High School Baseball Way-Too-Early 2023 Top-25 Rankings?

As of now, Farragut High School tops our early rankings.

Who are the standout performers for the upcoming season?

John Hayes from Farragut, Sam Bennett from Brentwood Academy, and Mike Wilson from Memphis University School are players to watch.

What influences these rankings?

We consider team performance, individual player potential, and historical team success when creating these rankings.

How accurate are these early rankings?

These rankings are speculative and may change as the season progresses and new data comes in.

Will these rankings be updated during the season?

Yes, we will update our rankings regularly to reflect current performance and statistics.

Why are these rankings important?

These rankings offer a preview of the upcoming season, stimulate dialogue, and build excitement for the games ahead.

To sum up, the Tennessee High School Baseball Way-Too-Early 2023 Top-25 Rankings set the stage for a captivating season. We eagerly anticipate the games to come and the incredible talent sure to be on display!

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