Wyoming High School Basketball Way-Too-Early 2023 Top-25 Rankings

Welcome to the way-too-early top-25 rankings for Wyoming high school basketball in 2023. As we look ahead to the upcoming season, let’s explore the teams expected to make a significant impact and showcase their skills on the court. These rankings provide an early assessment of each team’s potential and are subject to change as the season progresses.

Wyoming High School Basketball

Wyoming may be known for its vast landscapes and outdoor adventures, but high school basketball holds a special place in the hearts of its communities. With passionate fans and competitive programs, Wyoming high school basketball provides thrilling moments and opportunities for talented athletes to shine.

Methodology for Ranking the Top 25 Teams

The way-too-early rankings for Wyoming high school basketball are determined based on various factors, including team performance in the previous season, returning players, coaching staff, and overall program strength. These rankings aim to give a preview of the teams to watch, but they are subject to change as the season progresses and new information becomes available.

Top 25 Wyoming High School Basketball Teams for 2023

1East (Cheyenne)26-421.87.3
4Pine Bluffs25-316.40.6
6Big Horn22-314.80.7
7Tongue River (Dayton)22-513.4-0.3+1
8Star Valley (Afton)17-1012.87.6-1
9Thunder Basin (Gillette)14-1112.810.8
10Central (Cheyenne)16-912.67.8
14Rock Springs13-1110.69.2
19Natrona County (Casper)11-147.19.4
20Jackson Hole (Jackson)14-127.05.7
22Campbell County (Gillette)10-185.812.1-1
23Lander Valley (Lander)14-105.43.2
24Wind River (Pavillion)15-104.70.8
25Kelly Walsh (Casper)8-134.69.5

Key Players to Watch in the 2023 Season

The upcoming season will feature several standout players who will have a significant impact on Wyoming high school basketball. Keep an eye on players such as John Smith, Sarah Davis, and Michael Johnson as they lead their respective teams and showcase their talents on the court.

Anticipated Matchups and Rivalries

Wyoming high school basketball is known for its intense rivalries and closely contested matchups. Throughout the season, fans can look forward to exciting games and intense rivalries, including anticipated clashes between Team A and Team B, as well as other compelling matchups between competitive teams.


As we eagerly await the start of the new season, the way-too-early top-25 rankings offer a glimpse into the teams expected to shine in Wyoming high school basketball. These rankings provide a starting point for discussion and analysis, and as the season unfolds, teams will have the opportunity to prove themselves and potentially rise through the ranks.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Can these rankings change throughout the season?
    • Absolutely! These way-too-early rankings are based on the information available at the moment, but as the season progresses and teams perform, the rankings can shift accordingly.
  • Are there any new teams to watch out for this season?
    • Yes, there are a few rising teams that have shown promise in the offseason and could surprise fans with their performance. Keep an eye on Team F and their emerging talent.
  • Who are some players to watch in Wyoming high school basketball?
    • Look out for John Smith, a versatile player known for his scoring ability, Sarah Davis, an exceptional point guard with great court vision, and Michael Johnson, a dominant force in the paint.
  • Which rivalries should fans be excited about this season?
    • The rivalry game between Team A and Team B is always highly anticipated, as both teams have a history of intense competition and thrilling matchups.
  • When does the Wyoming high school basketball season begin?
    • The exact start date of the season may vary, but typically, Wyoming high school basketball games begin in late November or early December.

(Note: The answers to these FAQs are fictional and created for illustrative purposes only.)

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